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Energy, Motion & Science


Dig-in to Earth science! Check out rock samples to find out how they were made and where they were formed. Inspect minerals to see them fluoresce. Learn what causes bends and breaks in the Earth’s solid rock layer. Use the Experitube Take-Home to see sediment settle into layers!

Current Events

Get charged up about the science of current electricity! Learn how tiny invisible particles power everything from the fridge to the radio. Complete the circuit to light a bulb and sound a buzzer. Experiment to find out what conducts and what doesn't. Build and take home a Circuit Maze to test family and friends.                               

Fun-damental Forces

This session introduces children to the pushes and pulls that make the universe tick. Gravity, inertia, and centripetal force are some key concepts they discover along the way. Some exciting, hands-on investigations into forces include the bike wheel gyroscope, a coin-spinning vortex, and the balloon centrifuge.

Matter of Fact

This class deals with the structure of atoms and molecules. Students will learn how atoms combine to create molecules, and will examine molecules and molecular bonding using molecular models. Through a hands-on approach, students will learn and observe the difference between physical and chemical changes. A final experiment results in the creation of Mad Science Putty®.

All About Animals

Children learn about the incredible, diverse life in the animal kingdom. Young scientists discover how animals are adapted to their different habitats through specialized feet, fur, and feathers. Real tooth and claw replicas provide hands-on experience with the science of zoology. Activities about classification, camouflage, and animal life cycles introduce the diversity of animals on earth. Children create their own casts of animal tracks to take home.

Ecosystem Explorations

Hands on activities will provide students with an opportunity to explore the fascinating world of ecosystems. They will also learn about the interconnections that exist between all the living things in ecosystems, including human beings. This lesson provides an opportunity to develop scientific skills through inquiry based instructional methods. Children construct an Eco-Cube and take home a journal so they can continue their ecology adventure at home!


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